Tuesday, August 26, 2014

two years later.

That's a pretty good chunk of time.
2 years. 
As I sit here in my bed, with a new job, living in a new city, I can't stop thinking about how much life has changed in two years. 
And most importantly, how much I have changed.  

First of all, I was approaching my final semester of Culinary School. Thinking I loved food. Mostly just striving the be a "foodie", (a word I beyond loathe now) and not a Chef. 
Now, I have completely given my heart and soul to my career as a Cook and Chef. I have learned so many life lessons because of food. It's my everything. and that quote I finished my last blog post with? It's by Alice Waters, a Chef I have completely fallen in love with the past year and want to be. 

I have learned so much about friendship. Two years ago I wanted some friendships for insanely selfish reasons. 
Here I am, so grateful for my friends. And the beautiful relationships I have built and worked for. My friends are everything to me.  

Finally, I am one hundred percent a happier, more confident individual. This has probably been my biggest challenge the past two years, and honestly did come to me until quite recently. But I can for the first time say truthfully I'm happy with who I am and who I am becoming everyday. And that's all that really matters, right? I think so.
 I guess the reason I'm starting this blog back up because I want to look back and              remember this time of my life. 
    I'm so blessed. 
    I'm so happy. 
    I want to always remember that. I want my future kiddos to know that. 

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